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The Lorikeet Class Ethos

The lorikeet class offers a curriculum that is balanced and broadly based. It reflects the social, emotional, moral, cultural, spiritual, mental and physical needs of all the pupils. It aims to support and develop independent individuals and prepare them to become well-adjusted members of their wider communities. The Curriculum:

• Is presented in a practical way; pupils have lots of ‘hands on’ experiences and this enables them to learn in a kinaesthetic way

• Creates a learning environment which focuses on individual need and interest, yet encourages and requires children to work co-operatively and collaboratively

• Provides equal opportunities regardless of gender, race and religion

• Promotes, recognises and celebrates individual achievement leading to improved learning and behaviour

We take part in many off site activities including sporting events, visits to parks, local wooded areas, indoor play centres, the library and museums to enhance the learning experience for all the children. The children are encouraged to do daily jobs such as setting the table, getting the food for snacks from the fridge, setting up chairs for group activities etc and each child is responsible for their own clearing away and washing up. In order to encourage positive behaviour each child has a reward chart and when they have earned ten, they are given an instant reward. This involves ten minutes play with a toy or activity of their choice. They can choose from a range of rewards e.g. a game cube, construction toys, the computer, a remote controlled robot, the Ipad and more. Negative behaviour can result in a child being sent out of the room for a few minutes. During this time, they can reflect on their behaviour and if they need to, calm down. Children can also choose to leave the room if they feel that they are becoming angry, upset or just want some space.


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