At Ashgate School our motto is Exploring, Discovering, Achieving.

All of our children are individual and we aim to provide all of our children with the opportunity to learn and make progress in a supportive, safe and nurturing environment. We want our children to enjoy learning and feel proud of their achievements as we celebrate each step with them. Sometimes they take small steps and sometimes they take several at a time and reach their goals confidently. Sometimes it requires a lot of hard work, takes a long time and may feel like a leap across an ocean rather than a stepping stone over a stream. Whatever steps they are taking we aim to be at their sides providing them with the support, encouragement, tools, time and answers that they may need and to praise and value them all of the way, every day. It is about their journey and if we ‘hit road works’ on the way we find an alternative route.

We adapt the national curriculum and our methods of teaching to ensure that our children may overcome any barriers to learning. We aim to help our children develop all the key skills and knowledge that they need as building blocks for future learning as they grow towards being young adults.

We focus on empowering our children to develop their independence as much as possible. A key part of this is supporting children to be able to communicate effectively and to ensure that everybody in their lives communicates with them appropriately; whether this be a Picture Exchange Communication System, Signing or and an electronic aid for example.  It is essential that we deliver our lessons in a ‘language’ that they can understand and that we equip them to be able to respond. Only then can we know what they are learning and together identify what we need to learn next.  We are developing the Elklan approach and aim to ensure that communication is at the forefront of our practice.

We aim to support our children with a holistic approach and work closely with our families and colleagues in other schools, Health and Children’s’ Services.

Our parents and carers are the most important partners in working with us in providing a full and meaningful education for the children. Communication with parents and carers is paramount to this working successfully and we constantly strive to ensure this is effective for each and every one of our families. We provide a variety of communication links and opportunities to talk, learn and plan forward together; we recognise the needs and significant demands on parents’ and carers’ time and energy in life.

We are proud of all Ashgate children and their families. We thank the families for sending their children to our school, allowing us the pleasure of being part of their education and lives. We thank them for their tireless work and support whether it be fundraising for the whole school or finding the time to talk with the class team.

We thank the children for coming in every day and learning together to be the best they can.

Ashgate Specialist Support School, Crossacres Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 5DR

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