Transition at Ashgate
We want to ensure that transition to, from and within Ashgate is done in a way that has a positive impact on our pupils, their families and our staff.

Everyone involved with the pupil; parents/carers, professionals, staff from other schools and Ashgate staff  will be consulted and they will work together in each case to make this happen.

Home to school
Children who are not in any type of provision will be visited by a member of teaching staff before they start at Ashgate. This is a way for the staff members to get to know the child in their home environment and gain a better understanding of their need. It’s also an opportunity for parents to meet their child’s teacher and there will also be opportunities for the child and parents/carers to visit school. Any questions or concerns can be addressed before the child begins at Ashgate.

Mainstream school to Ashgate
Pupils in other schools who have been allocated a place at our school will be visited by a member of our outreach team or teaching staff. They will observe the pupil, liaise with staff members and work out a transition plan to suit the needs of the pupil.

Movement between classes
Our classes are organised according to children's individual needs. In July we group the current children and our new intake ensuring that the most effective decisions are made for classes in September. Some pupils remain in the same classes, others move and pupils new to school are put in classes that are deemed a suitable match for their needs. Sometimes, after the initial ‘settling in’ period, for some children it becomes apparent that another class environment might be more suitable to their needs. In the event of this, transition within school will take place.

Ashgate to another mainstream primary school
Pupils at Ashgate are continually assessed to ensure that we are providing the best education for them. In some cases a move to a mainstream school might be considered a more appropriate setting. If this is decided, a transition programme will be put in place.The child will have several integration visits; working in the class that they will be going into until everyone involved feels that they are ready to start at the new school.

Ashgate to high school
Our pupils go to lots of different high school; the main ones being Piper Hill, Melland and Pioneer House. We also have pupils who go to mainstream high school. The Y5 annual review is a transition review and high school options are discussed. Parents/carers are encouraged to contact high schools with a view to visiting so that they can decide which provision is best for their child. This is done in consultation with Ashgate staff. At the Y6 annual review the teacher responsible for transition from each high school will give advice and answer any questions that parents might have.

Once a high school has been decided and the child has a place, the teacher responsible for transition will liaise with the various school and a transition package will be put in place for the Summer term.

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