Visual Impairment Support

Our aim is to create a vision friendly environment for all children at Ashgate Specialist Support Primary School.

Who we are? 

Mel Tanswell- TA3 - VI lead - Positive looking practitoner 

Celia Hulse - TA1 -  VI Champ - Positive looking practitoner 

Erin Spencer - TA1 - VI support 

What we do?

Mel, Celia and Erin  work with the sensory support team to assess and implement activities to support all children at Ashgate. 

We also support all staff to understand vision impairments and support them if they have any concerns and ensure referals are made if necessary. 

We will support parents to understand visual impairments and provide resources to help children with VI but also all children to help develop their concentration/ focus. 

 What is CVI and VI? 

Cerebral vision impairment is a disorder caused by damage to the parts of the brain that process vision. It's most common in babies and young children but can continue into adulthood. 

Visual impairment is the term used to describe a loss of sight that cannot be corrected using glasses or contact lenses. 

Who we work alongside?

Lindsey Lintern is a teacher of VI who works for Manchester Sensory Service. She supports Mel, Celia and Erin support with assessments and provides activities and information to support the child and the class team. 

Gwyn McCormack who owns Positive Looking which is an award winning training company who delivery dedicated courses to special needs schools. 

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